Skills Summary

PCB group Circuit design, Mixed signal, Power design, transmission line design, Analog and digital circuit simulation, HDI PCB, High speed PCB layout, Power integrity design and analysis. 
PCB tools ProficienciesCadence Allegro, Allegro HDI, ORCAD CIS, ANSYS HFSS, ANSYS Siwave, Ltspice/Pspice, Polar SI9000, Maxwell ANSOFT
SW/ Firmware GroupSW/FW design, Device drivers, Multiprocessor coding, ASIC SDK, GUI design, test driven development, RTOS design/integration, Life cycle mgt., Embedded C - Bare Metal, C#, Python, 
SW/FW Tools ProficienciesStatic Analysis (MISRA-C), INTEL NIOS EDS, Atollic TrueSTUDIO,STM32CubeMX, Visual Studio,Microchip MPLAB X IDE/IPE (XC8, XC16, XC32) – NetBeans, CCS C Compiler, Labcenter Proteus Professional (systems simulation),IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, Eclipse mikroC PRO for ARM, Xilinx Vivado design suite, Microchip-Microsemi SoftConsol – NetBeans, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET (VB.NET, C#.NET), Microsoft Visual Studio Code. STM32 CubeMx/ SoftConsole/ Visual Studio/ JetBrains PyCharm/ ParaSoft C-C++/  GIT SourceTree - Bitbucket/ SVN/ Keil/ Life Cycle Management (Jira and Confluence)
SOC Groupdigital SOC design, RTL coding, Digital Simulation, Physical SOC FPGA design, Timing Analysis, design verification, SDC design, Verilog, ModelSim.
SOC Group Tools ProficienciesQuartus/Intel FPGA | Libero/MicroSemi | Xilinx/ Vivado | Model-Sim/ Questa-Sim , Verilog, System Verilog
TEST GroupDevice and system level test, HW bring up and debug, use of high speed instruments, scripting tests, devising test plans for DVT and production, Final product release.high speed scopes, Logic Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers, TEMP chambers control, Programmable PS and signal generators.
Field testImplement customer solution requirements, Field Deployment, Power meters, OTDR, Spectrometers, Amplifiers, Pluggables and fiber MGT