Job Title

Principal Engineer



Beirut, Lebanon


Job Description

· Create innovative solutions to solve digital design problems

· Write design functional specifications

· Provide execution time tables for project manager

· Lead a team of engineers to develop and verify digital logic using Verilog/VHDL as per architectural specifications

· Provide coordination with team members and allocate tasks and lead execution plan

· Coordinate with system architect on system implementation and evolution

· Drive and document verification and testing methodology



· 5-10 years overall experience in digital systems design

· Proven track record of product development

· Familiarity with the different stages of product development including design specifications, RTL coding, synthesis, place and route, and timing analysis for chip and board level

· Mandatory experience with Verilog, VHDL experience is a plus

· Well rounded in System level know how

· Board level design experience is a plus

· Familiarity with FPGA architectures and back end processes is a big plus

· Signal integrity know how is a plus

· Able to work with teams in harmony

· Good ethical standings

· Experience with SystemVerilog is a plus.

· Ability to travel is a plus

· Familiarity with Cadence and Mentor Graphics verification systems is a plus


Job Title

Design/Verification Engineer



Beirut, Lebanon


Job Description

· Write design documentation to meet architecture goals

· Design logic solutions as per architectural specs to meet customer demands

· Determine verification approach and methodology

· Write the verification test plan

· Specify, develop/ enhance the verification environment using Verilog and system Verilog

· Develop bus functional models in Verilog or VHDL

· Develop regress-able, self-checking test suites to implement the test plan

· Isolate design failures and assist in bug resolution



· 2+ years overall experience in logical design/verification

· Have successfully defined, developed, and implemented digital logic

· Experience with SVA assertions is a plus.

· Ability to travel is a plus

· Familiarity with Cadence and Mentor Graphics verification systems is a plus


Job Title

VP, Business Development





Job Description

· Develop marketing and sales plan to target immediate revenue opportunities

· Promote BSS Technology / Services brand with companies worldwide

· Establish Partnerships with semiconductor companies

· promote business based on established relationships



· Excellent reputation as a business development person with a history of creating multimillion dollar business opportunities.

· Flexibility to work in dynamic environment with small team

· Very enthusiastic, positive attitude, ability to build quick relationship

· At least 15 years of business development experience preferably in telecom/telemetry sector