Beyond Silicon Solutions

Center For Advanced Research and Development

Years of experience lead by highly skilled engineers has allowed the accumulation of knowledge and know-how in multiple areas, with expertise in a range of fields creating complete System and Chip Architectures. Experienced in DSP design, processor design, embedded and communication systems.
Building on a rich portfolio of successfully developed products across the world, BSS offers turn Key solutions that will take a concept from customer requirements to fully developed products ready for deployment. BSS stands ready for any new requirements or field support issues.
With a vision centered around quality and efficiency, BSS offers a design services house with a team of 20 Principal Electrical and Electronics Engineers providing service in circuit design, SW,FW and testing.
Starting from requirements to defining and creating architecture and design details, to getting customer feedback and approval, to delivering an execution plan including resources allocation and timetables, to delivering a fully verified product.
Through community outreach and forward planning, BSS has an extended on-demand team of 120 people ready to be of service. The extended team was trained through “Digital systems design” training classes, with BSS staff, coupled with 18 months of on-hands product development at BSS.
BSS strives to establish partnerships with its clients and would commit itself to its customers long term goals and objectives. BSS commits itself to being an extension of its partners design family and community.